Sculpture Pricing
Every piece begins as a clay sculpture. The finished piece can either be kiln-fired or be used to create a synthetic mold that I use to cast the sculpture in bronze or other materials. Molds can be re-used so copies can be made for family members or other needs. A piece I named Oscar was duplicated to make matching Owl lamps.

I love to embellish portraits with extras like clothing, hats, or other accessories and I'll be happy to discuss ways to work your ideas into the design. I enjoy doing pets as well as figures and reliefs and price those individually.

Life-size Portrait Sculpture … $1800
  (Head & Neck … clothing, hats, and accessories extra)
 FIRED CLAY with painted bronze finish – no additional charge
 COLD CAST BRONZE (bronze powder mixed with resin)
  •  Mold & Casting  $600Additional Castings  $350
 POURED BRONZE (hot poured bronze)  * THE REAL DEAL! *
  •  Mold & Casting  $1600Additional Castings  $1100
 FAUX MARBLE (marble dust and resin create a honed marble finish)
  •  Mold & Casting  $650Additional Castings  $400
 HYDROCAL (durable plaster with painted brinze finish)
  •  Mold & Casting  $400Additional Castings  $175
Pets and Other Critters … $500 and up
 FIRED CLAY with painted bronze finish – no additional charge
 OTHER FINISHES individually priced
Photo of Lynn Artist's Statement ~
I love being a Portrait Sculptor. The feel of the clay in my hands exhilarates me as I sculpt the features, adding a little clay here or taking some clay away there until a person slowly emerges. A face is more than flesh and bone and muscle though; the face is the Window to the Soul - the Spirit of Life itself. My goal in every portrait is to capture that essence and bring the piece to life, giving the viewer the sensation of the subject's presence.

~ Lynn McIntyre

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